Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to moving into a Secura Lifestyle Community, there is a lot to consider. Here are your most frequently asked questions:

Our communities offer you the opportunity to downsize and free up money so that you can make the most out of your new lifestyle choice. Our communities provide security and peace of mind with residents owning their own home, without the cost of buying the land, without paying any stamp duty and any complicated exit fees. Our communities offer you the freedom to live within a private and peaceful environment with like-minded neighbours making it an easy, safe and affordable choice for over 55s.
Yes, you own your home and lease the land through a site agreement.

Site fees vary, however, are generally between $120 and $170 per week. Site fees cover a variety of costs associated with running and maintaining the community including (but not limited to): your site rent, the use of all community facilities, maintenance costs of the community facilities, gardens and streetscapes. Council rates and village management costs are also covered, as well as the variety of staff that look after the community including a village manager and grounds staff. For more information on site fee costs and what they cover, contact the community you are interested in for more information.

In most cases residents who receive a government pension are entitled to receive rent assistance which in effect will help reduce your weekly site fees. As an example a single pensioner can receive up to $130.40 per fortnight (which could reduce the weekly site fees down to $55 – $105 per week) depending on your personal circumstances. For full information about how rent assistance is determined and calculated refer to
Yes, the site fees are adjusted annually in accordance with CPI and/or a market review every three years.

As a resident, you are protected by the Residential Parks Act/Land Lease legislation in that state and your tenure is secured under this legislation. The owner of the community is required to honour all the obligations and comply with the provisions of the Residential Land Lease Communities legislation. For more information please speak with our Community Sales Manager.

No, there are no exit or deferred management fees. Any capital gains achieved is yours to keep. If and when you decide to sell your home you can list with a real estate agent or we can sell your home on your behalf.
No, there are no body corporate charges, no council rates and no entry or exit fees.
No, there are no government charges such as stamp duty or additional costs for preparing contracts.
No, however, you’re more than welcome to consult a solicitor should you choose or require assistance.
No, the only other outgoings are your own gas, electricity, water (some communities include water within your site fees), and phone. When comparing living costs between a large family home versus downsizing to a lifestyle community, everyone’s situation is different. We normally find people are better off per month after downsizing, plus they have freed up equity from the sale of their home.
Moving to a lifestyle community can affect your pension entitlement and eligibility for rent assistance. You may get less or you may get more. For many people their pension will remain the same and they will become eligible for rent assistance, which they didn’t receive before.

No. Secura Lifestyle is not a retirement village. You can be retired or working full-time or part-time. You live life on your terms.

Any moveable dwellings brought to the community will need to be approved in writing by the community management prior to the dwelling being relocated on the allocated site.
Yes, all homes come with a minimum six-year warranty to meet statutory requirements within the relevant state. All other warranties and guarantees within the home are passed on to you at the time of moving into your home.
Yes, your guests are welcome to enjoy the facilities and activities. For longer stay guests, consent from the community management is to be obtained.
Most of our communities are pet friendly for animals up to 10kg, however, all communities are different so please ask the community management for more information.
Yes, the home becomes part of your estate. Your beneficiaries can reside in the community if they meet the criteria, or they may simply sell the home.

All information supplied is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change at any time without notice.